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At Veterans Connections to a New Life, Your dating life may occasionally get a little complex. Whenever dating or other personal issues arise, it's good to know you have a confidant to talk to that is unbiased and can look at the problem from both sides. Your friends see your prospective but not his or hers. Their friends see the opposite.

Our Certified Life Coaches are trained to use an aerial view approach. We can assist clearing your vision and give you the tools you need to make decisions based on logic and not your emotions. By you making rational choices, you are building a foundation for your happiness.

Remember, True Love has spanned the ages of time. It perfected it’s ways of stirring every one of the known human emotions and also toss in some occasional drama. It can be your friend or it can be your worst nightmare. But, you can and will win. Our advice is to not let yourself get overwhelmed. Let us help you unlock the chains of indecision

Take a step back, take a deep breath and work through the problem. Remember, It's all about attitude.


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