Divorce Recovery Coach

“Isn’t It Ironic, We Ignore The Ones Who Adore Us? Adore the Ones Who Ignore Us. Love the ones Who Hurt Us and Hurt The Ones Who Love Us"

Divorce can be one of the most traumatic events in your life, especially if it were unexpected, out of the blue. So many emotions hit you instantly. Your world just exploded. True, your friends will reach out but again, are they bias toward you or your significant other?  By now, you are asking yourself dozens of questions. Are your friends and family taking sides in the existing conflict? How do you start healing? At Veterans Connections to a New Life, we approach your issues with logic and give you the ability to see through the hurt, pain, and deception which allows you to move on.

There is a lot of persuasive misinformation and bad advice about divorce on the internet. We are here to help you interpret things because divorce is hard enough without accidently making it even harder. We've seen so many people suffer needlessly when trying to recover from their divorce mostly as a result of taking bad advice. If you're starting over again, don't let misinformation influence you.

If you are suffering from divorce recovery and believe the notion that all divorces are basically the same and that you'll get over your divorce more quickly if you didn't think about it or allow yourself to feel much anger about it, you may be fooling yourself. Here are a few misconceptions, we at Veterans Connections to a New Life, wish to present for you to consider.

  • All divorces are basically the same. FALSE. Divorces are all different. Laws vary depending on where you live. Your marriage was not like anyone else's marriage because you and your ex-spouse are two unique individuals. Your divorce will be just as unique as you are. There might be similarities between your divorce and someone else's that you can use to help with your divorce recovery, but it won't be the same.
  • It takes one year for every four years of marriage to get over your divorce FALSE again. Everyone is different and requires a different amount of time to recover from their divorce. Some people who stayed married for years find it fairly easy to get through their divorce recovery, and others never do. What we believe is that it depends on how much effort you're willing to invest in yourself and moving on with your life, as to how quickly you'll start to feel better again.
  • Everyone going through divorce has the same emotions in the same order. This is just wrong. There are similarities to the emotions that people experience when dealing with divorce recovery, but everyone experiences them in a different order, in different intensities, and for different durations.

Dating after divorce

The pain of divorce decreases over time. For most people, the pain of divorce is very real and very emotional. At first the emotions of divorce are intense and change rapidly, but over time they tend to decrease in intensity and variety. Flare-ups occur at any time after they've decreased.

So, although most people can count on their families and friends for help, they won't always provide the exact help you need and want, when you need and want it. At Veterans Connections to a New Life we feel it’s alright to feel sorry for yourself. Mind you, we're not advocating becoming a puddle of self-pity either. Let's face it, you were just crushed. The hopes, dreams, and expectations you had when you got married won't come true. Most people experience grief when that happens. It's alright for you to feel some sadness for yourself; however, if that's the only thing you're feeling, you might want to reach out to us and get more support to heal. You can read more about this and many other subjects in our book that may be ordered on this website.

"You Can't Start A New Chapter In Your Life, If You Keep Re-Reading The Last One"

Divorce Recovery Coach