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Here at “Veterans Connections to a New Life"

Our main focus is in developing a clear vision on how to achieve their life's goals. of our returning warriors through our veterans outreach program. We offer services and direction to those who served and those who are caregivers.

We educate and distribute information on self-help and resources to homeless and needy veterans and families in need of our free services, while assisting Caregivers on meeting their challenges

We are a Social Readjustment Agency that takes care of one veteran family at a time. When a veteran is experiencing some difficult times, or attempts to re-adjust after deployment, we step in and assist them through the challenges. We have many contacts that will provide free new goods and valuable services.

Setting up or restoring a household is quite costly, so through our industrial suppliers, and negotiated deals with retailers, everything from small appliances and bedding down to nail clippers are all brand new.

We accompany them shopping to assure that the money is being spent wisely. We teach them how to be frugal with their shopping decisions. We are a start to finish, mission oriented agency with experience. Sales proceeds from our award winning book, "Back from the Front" provides us with some working capital, but many times, we just give it away to veterans living in the bush, who need it the most, but can't afford it.

Incidentally, our book explains PTSD self help and how to transition back into civilian life. It is now being used by the Israeli Defense Ministry in many of their clinics.

Our current Search and Rescue Outreach Program is being expanded to include the locations of temporary housing for Homeless Veterans and others during major weather events and periods of unusually cold weather.

Re-adjustment to civilian life is multi-faceted. It starts with the Homeless or needy veteran, or a veteran afflicted with PTSD or MSTS. We work closely with the veteran and their caregiver to find ways to face the challenges they may have. We are dedicated to enriching their lives so they may function in reality, not under constant perceived threats.

We are a full service veterans support organization experienced in veteran's affairs, work well with the VA and other organizations of this type

Veterans Connections to a New Life

I am a twice wounded combat Vietnam Veteran. I am a Certified Life Coach, and also a National Peer Support Specialist. I am certified in every state and have the permission from many countries to practice worldwide.

A Life Coach Consultant helps you find solutions to other problems that arise in your life. We always treat all of our veterans with the utmost respect. We are also registered with the Better Business Bureau.

A Life Coach or advisor is more than just a neutral friend to talk to. We abide by the same policy as doctors and lawyers. We adhere to a strict client privacy policy. You speak in confidence to us, we honor and respect whatever we discuss

At "Veterans Connections to a New Life” we care about your happiness and future. No matter what the issue, we will help you through based on our own lives' experiences. If we can't help, we will help you find someone who can.

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