How It Works

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At "Veterans Connections to a New Life" we give sound and logical advice to many of the challenges in your life. From financial to dating to new recipes. Once you are enrolled as a client, Certified Life Coaches are always available to help you with everything.

Your Home is a reflection of who you are and what you are about. If you want, we still make house calls. We will arrange for one of our agents to visit and give you advice about the best way to reflect the real you.

If you prefer, we can assess your home's current decor by  that visit or if more convenient, or out of state, send us pictures. There is a whole chapter on this topic in our recent publication, "Veterans Connections to a New Life" available on this web site. It offers suggestions to how and why  make your home decor express your personal style.

We can be your personal shopper for your new home decor. If you don't have time with your busy schedule, we will do it for you. It's the simple things that may be the most difficult for you to get done during your work week.

Your Wardrobe: We are constantly monitoring fashion and style changes, so you don't  have to. If you need a stylish wardrobe prepared before your big night, we can assist you there too. We work together with several area clothing stores who know their business well. One of the partners at "Veterans Connections to a New Life" is an impeccable dresser and can help you with the right clothing and accessories.

Seminars and Workshops:  We will have a rigorous seminar and workshop program for senior dating and those who have been on their own and set in their ways. These programs are designed to help those who need it and are ready to start a new chapter in their lives. A modest cover charge is associated with these seminars to cover refreshments and fun activities and prizes.

Background Checks are completed for you at an option if you will feel better about your safety before your date,  However, we need a 12 hour turnaround notice, with as much information as you can find. A monthly statement will be sent to you via E mail or USPS for this charge.

Agent Availability:  A Life Coach will be available to you 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week. Please call (321) 313-2444.

Rates for Services: We will be offer many other services of which there will be an hourly charge. There are no reoccurring monthly charges ever. The only time you pay is when one of our services are used. You may use any of the major credit cards, debit card, cash or a personal check.

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