Mission & Accomplishments

We really know the effects of today’s economy, along with the growing number of combat veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan have made the transition back into civilian life difficult.

That’s why Veterans Connections to a New Life programs to assist both combat veterans and their families by helping them acclimate into a supportive community and prepare them for a successful transition and a productive and happy life.

No Veteran Left Behind

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(Right) Veteran moving from living in his car into a new apartment.

Our mission is to provide unique and personalized service support to our homeless, less fortunate, and at-risk veterans who are struggling to transition back into civilian life. Whether it is providing basic essentials like a backpack full of toiletries, finding them adequate housing, purchasing of home furnishings from Bedroom sets down to dish soap. We also offer and mentor with substance abuse programs to find the right solutions, free of charge. There is nothing we will not do for our veterans, military spouses and family members.


Here are just a few things we have accomplished with your generous donations:

• Purchased a used automobile, insurance, and paid a traffic fine for a female veteran who had a young infant and needed to get to back and forth to work at a Melbourne, FL bakery.

• Purchased three brand new mattresses, box springs and frames from BJ's Wholesale for veterans family who had gotten roach infested bedding from a thrift store

• Purchased Public transportation tickets for veterans needing to travel to a VA for appointments.

• Distributed 309,209 MRE meals and over 21,000 bottles of water to veterans and other homeless families in the bush in the last half of 2018.

• Distributed 12 tents and 12 sleeping bags over a 3 month period to homeless veterans in Volusia County, at the request of the American Red Cross.

• Purchased a round trip Greyhound Bus ticket for a needy veteran to Montgomery, Alabama to attend his Mother's funeral.

• Paid 16 electric cutoff notices and 11 water cutoff notices for veterans in Brevard County.

• Purchased new furniture for veterans through negotiated deals with major furniture companies.

• Full accounting and receipts to donors to be used to claim their donations under IRS Regulation 501(C) (3)

• A Michigan Veteran on vacation here lost his wallet, but had a copy of his DD214 on his cell phone. We paid for gasoline, a motel for a night, two dinner gift cards for IHOP and some cash for him, his wife and child to return home.

The list goes on and on. But, none of this could be accomplished without the support we receive from patriots like you.

We are facing a unique problem in Brevard County. Because we are taking such good care of our veterans, we are getting an influx of homeless or needy veterans from all across the state.

When I go in the bush delivering relief supplies and food, I run across veterans that are from other counties, and occasionally other states. With the cold weather in the North, homeless veterans are pouring into Brevard County, which is impacting and straining our resources.

The VA helps as best they can, but it is not enough, in many cases limited at best. This is where we come in. We are an agency that works off private funding and proceeds from our books to offset the cost of taking care of a veteran's basic needs. But, that is still not enough. We need more financial assistance to take care of our veterans and troop support program.

The VA also, gives us a number of homeless veterans in the state. However, not all counties know or even report the actual statistics. All we know is that from Palm Bay to Mims, we are constantly being asked for assistance. Some are referred by the VA, some sent by a church or some other agency. In any case we need to help.

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