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Brevard County Veterans

Brevard County Veterans

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Veteran’s Connection is a 501 C (3) Non-Profit foundation that oversees many Veterans Assistance programs in the county. We are the only agency in the county that is totally funded exclusively by private donations. Having no administration or employee compensation costs, allows 100% of the donations to go to the benefit of Brevard Veterans in need.

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Everyone knows horses are quite soothing and offer many other benefits. Known as equine therapy, or equine-assisted therapy, horses are able to promote spiritual, physical, psychological and occupational healing in post-traumatic stress disorder sufferers. Non-threatening, trusting and open relationships can be built with these connections breeding further positive feelings of patience, love, respect, safety and empathy.

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Equine therapy is found to reduce levels of anxiety and stress, improve moods, create a sense of peace and contentment, among other benefits. Anyone who is interested, as a helper or therapist, please contact us at (321) 313-2444

No experience necessary. We will train you in every aspect of horsemanship. In addition to riding, you will learn about pasture fencing, feeding, safety, bailing hay, everything from the ground up. All programs open to both Male and Female Veterans.


The Worldwide sale of our book "Back From The Front" available on this website, This is what pays our everyday administration costs. We are blessed that 100% of all donations can be used to assist veterans and their families.

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