Seminars, Workshops and Social Mixers

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Several times a month we host casual seminars at different venues. Whether it is held in a hotel, a conference room, a community clubhouse or the backroom of a restaurant. Regardless of where they are held, they are a wealth of information and we encourage you to attend. It is also important that you try to attend as many of these gatherings as you can. At each one, different subject matter will be discussed according to the class request of what their subjects and interests are.

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Refreshments will be available. There will also be copies of our publication for sale. There will be group discussions, question and answer periods then afterwards if you wish, you can meet privately with a life coach advisor for anything you may not wanted to discuss during the seminar. There is a modest charge to attend these seminars, to help defray the cost of refreshments.

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These are No Rush Seminars. We will discuss any subjects the attendees request (time permitting), along with that evening's topics of general discussion. It is also a great way to meet other people that may have the same questions or issues you have. The dates and locations will be announced on our schedule listed on our website.

We hold hands-on workshops that assist in many areas like basic computer skills, paying bills on-line and other accounting information. As with the seminars, life coaches will be present for you to talk to privately.

All our social gatherings are held in places that will be able to accommodate us. We select places that are fun, have music and if you like to karaoke, we have some of that also. We will have door prizes. A complete list of participating establishments will be listed on our website.

Also, our on line newsletter with tips, event schedules and other information is always available, here on the website for you to review.

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Please allow 2 weeks for scheduling.

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We also offer age appropriate seminars to senior citizens. These are offered to people, whether single, married, divorced or widowed. These are hosted in cooperation with many senior organizations statewide. We discuss topics like pre-retirement, aging while staying at home or any topics you wish to discuss.