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What are your long term goals? How do you reach them? How can we help you and your family readjust to you being a civilian again? What changes do you feel you need to make? These are all questions you probably ask yourself occasionally. Honesty, comes from the heart and within your personal spirit.

At "Veterans Connections to a New Life," we are sensitive to your needs and how you plan to improve your life. As Certified Professional Life Coaches, and a Certified Peer Support Specialists, we offer you the empowerment to take action, take charge and open new doors so you view your life from a different prospective.

We military people from all walks of life. We are partners with you, in achieving your personal and goals. We are a sounding board helping you find the choices that work best for you, because they are designed by you. We give you unconditional support in obtaining your life's plan and motivate you to push the envelope and yes, be your beacon in stormy times.

By you placing yourself in an optimistic, positive state, you will be happier, more productive, find closure to many issues that may keep resurfacing, making you more in charge, making more definitive decisions and be in action with the life you designed for yourself.

You will be happier and healthier with the focus you develop, rather than living your life, waiting for the other shoe to drop. Our total attention is on you.

Veterans - Why Us

Sometimes, you just need someone to talk to. Your friends may try to help by giving you advice. But is it good advice? Is it what you believe you want? Is it looking at just one side? What if it doesn't work? The best advice you can receive is what you give yourself.

There are two types of life skills. Ones we are born with and ones that are taught. As a child we are taught right for wrong, honesty, etc. Your learned skills are self preservation, self worth, sense of accomplishment and what it takes to make you happy. By fine tuning these skills you design your own life plan on how to implement them to a successful end. Plans work better if you design and develop them.

At "Veterans Connections to a New Life" we have both Male and Female Certified Life Coaches. Either, are available to you. It's all about your comfort zone.

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Finding your way to happiness with "Veterans Connections to a New Life"


Veterans - Why Us

Veterans - Why Us