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A veteran returning to civilian life today faces many challenges. Readjusting to civilian life is hard for many veterans. Obstacles like employment, reuniting and catching up with growing families, paying household bills, being short of working capital and picking up where they left off before deployment.

It is frustrating at the least. It can lead to many other more serious situations, such as Substance Abuse, Homelessness, incarceration, and even suicide when the veteran feels totally worthless and life is meaningless.

Our troop support takes on many necessary tasks to ensure a returning veteran or a struggling veteran has a fighting chance at a happy and successful life. Is it easy?

In many cases it is. But, there are more cases when a returning veteran feels like a big portion of his life was taken away, especially when multiple deployments are involved.

At Veterans Connections to a New Life, we understand these challenges. We feel that because we are veterans taking care of veterans, sharing similar experiences is the best way to help our Brothers and Sisters adjust. It is only through your generous donations that makes this possible.

Message From "Veterans to a New Life Program Director" Don Pearsall U.S. Army

When all veterans leave the military, they are faced with anxiety and some apprehension about their immediate future. We understand all that because we've been there ourselves. The anxiety and stressed increases when the serviceman has a family to also worry about.

Trust me, coming out without the prospects of a job is a scary situation for anyone especially those with children. We, at Veterans Connections to a New Life, know better than most what it is going to take to guide the new civilian through unchartered waters.

We arrange housing, jobs, furnishings and many other items to help the family circle to become complete again. Unfortunately, all this takes money, and sometimes lots of it if a family needs a place to live, now add on all the other basic life necessities.

Let's face it, The Veterans Administration has some limited programs to help, but caught up in the bureaucratic red tape, It may take a veteran several months to see any help for them or their families. We act within hours. We leave no veteran behind. Many times there are hidden struggles like substance abuse, but we attack them one at a time.

Last year, through your charitable donations we distributed 309,260 meals and approximately 21,000 bottles of water to veterans that were either homeless or families who were going through some unfortunate times. Also, because of your generosity, we also supplied tents, sleeping bags, ground tarps, toiletries, to those veterans still in the woods plus furniture and household items to those in need.

We will not ever give a veteran a used bed. If they require a bed, we purchase that, and other pieces of furniture brand new through negotiating with local retailers. "We are Veterans taking Care of Veterans"

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