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Back from the Front - PTSD: Military Edition

Back from the Front: PTSD

Probably the most complete book ever written about military PTSD and MSTD. Self help tips from someone who has "Been there and done that" A MUST read for your care givers who have PTSD because of their caring for you.

This publication is one of a kind as it discusses everything about our disorder. See our website www.connectionstoanewlife.com to review our new book and a partial table of contents below.

Believe me, no subject left out.

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All proceeds from all book sales goes to troop Transition and Family Support, call (321) 313-2444 for more information.

This book is being used by the Israeli Defense Ministry in select mental health clinics and won the Readers Choice Award by the American Literary Guild for 2017

Table of Contents

What is PTSD
Stages of PTSD
Treatment of PTSD
Triggers and Responses
Emotional Avoidance
Agent Orange and PTSD
Harmful Risks
PTSD and Suicide
VA References
PTSD and Violence
Returning Home
Fact or Fiction
The Perfect Storm
Traumatic Brain Injury
Substance Abuse
Disability Compensation
Aid & Attendance
PTSD in Military Careers
Service Dogs
Support Animals
Hobby Therapy
Connect With Others
Take Care Of Yourself
Helping A Loved One
Professional Treatment
Homeless Vets / PTSD
PTSD Affecting Children
PTSD And Alcohol Abuse
PTSD Substance Abuse

Navy Change Sea Duty
Culture Clash
Secondary PTSD
Controlling Your Triggers
Fireworks Displays
Care Giver Burnout
Communication is Best
Lifestyle Changes
Cognitive Recognizing
Affecting Relationships
PTSD & Sexual Dysfunction
Intimate Partner Violence
Help Yourself
Female Victims
VA Resources
Caregiver Challenges
Treatment Options
Trauma Types
Caretakers Hints
Compassion Fatigue
Anxiety Self Help
PTSD Affects Everyone
Greediness / Fraud
Care Givers Experiences
Female Combat PTSD
Dealing With Nightmares
See Us Through Our Eyes
Review And Conclusions



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Read PTSD Book Reviews

"This is by far the best publication on the subject I have read. I really learned a lot about how to deal with everyday issues that sometimes haunt me. I am going to purchase another copy for the local Library."
Greg Holden SSgt. USMC Brookings, OR

"I found the PTSD book very informative."
G Sullivan, Ithaca NY

"PTSD very well written and useful."
Hal Morrow, Toms, River, NJ

"Very skillfully written, I learned a lot about Self Help, so did my wife. Thanks for the education."
M. Crawford, US Army Brockway, PA

"Very nice job, I picked up a few hints along the way myself. You offered many ideas for self help.Again, good job"
EH Malone, Colonel, United Kingdom, NATO Forces Ret.

"Great reading for caretakers and those of us with PTSD. Thanks for the self help techniques"
Sgt. Allan Yates US Army Ret. Commack, Long Island NY

"Hey Don, you really nailed this one.Best I've read in a while about PTSD. I was happy to be a part of it. You put my story on Pg 237. Thanks...Hope it helped"
D. Terhark Okarche, Oklahoma